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There’s a kind of sadness in melting snow. It’s the first sign that school is rolling back around, along with other duties that comes with the daily schedule. When dusk settles in and the overcast sky makes everything seem as though it has a bluish tint. The wintry whirlwind days of rolling in the powdery snow become memories of the past rather than the hopes for the future. Hopefully, the delightful ice crystals will fall again, and lock me into my house with only my books, my hot chocolate, and the snow for activities of fun. Today is the first day of 2013. It’s been a day of reminiscing, as well as hoping for the future and making plans. In two days ill be visiting one of my favorite places. Texas of course! Everything about that place makes me smile. The people, the sights, and of course the shopping! Well I suppose I should enjoy the last few patches of snow that are fighting to keep their place. I’m glad I’m be able to find the pleasant things in winter instead of complaining about the cold (which I must admit I also partake of this action) and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling that comes along with all the white and powdery snow.

I spent my day at a family holiday get together. It was odd seeing the elderly and the small ones together. The young run and laugh while the grandparents and great grandparents smile, a trace of wistfulness in their happiness. It’s loud with the newly opened presents and the squeals of delight that fill the room and wrapping paper is left in every nook and cranny. I myself am laughing at every strange antic the children show next. The babies ogle at the Christmas decor and sparkles seem to be everywhere. Yummy treats fill the tables and sweet smells linger in every room. Family reunites together and tell stories of old times. Christmas is a wonderful holiday and it always reminds me of the reason for the season. Jesus Christ, the son of God who was born on December 25 and who changed this world forever and ever. Nothing was ever the same. Merry Christmas! And a happy new year as well!

I haven’t been on in a while. Things have been busy… Crazy… Going by so fast that its hard to even think! I was recently in a theater production of Tom Sawyer and it was wonderful! And now here we are with Christmas sneaking up behind us, while I’m packing for a small vacation trip to disney world! I love my family and they’re certainly always there for me! And now we find ourselves at the season where family seems most important. I love Christmas and it is by far my favorite holiday! Plus it’s Jesus’ birthday!!! What other reason do you need to celebrate!? And so December always flies by in a whirl of wrapping paper and hot cocoa! My family all comes together to exchange gifts, stories, and laughter! And of course the delicious holiday cookies and other yummy treats! So let’s all hope I don’t go off and gain 20 pounds this Christmas and new year! Happy holidays, from yours truly!

Summer! I spend almost everyday at the pool. Either taking a leisurely dip, or doing some tricks off the diving bored. I love to swim. Its wonderful, the way the water wraps around you. It embraces you, surrounding your arms and legs in silky folds of deep blue. I love watching the water as my arms glide through it, cutting it for just a moment before rushing back together. And the feeling of you pushing yourself of the side, racing through the water, the opening your eyes seeing the hazy blue world around you. It truly is alien! I love to dive beneath the water and look at the world above. Its quite an odd point of view. So much pressure is added under the water, yet at the same time your weightless. The bubbles that comically jiggle their way to the top, then bursting! Its all so calm, and eerily quiet. Straining your ears, you can almost hear the rush that fills your head, and the feel and movement of the water. I recently visited the beach, a favorite vacation of mine. When I think beach so many thoughts come to mind. The smell of sunscreen, sand burn, the roar of the waves, the greenish white sea foam, the salty breeze, the cry of seagulls, calm glassy water, and large towering waves. It all comes together and makes something tremendously beautiful! It leaves you in awe, thinking about God, and how he created the beautiful and majestic water. Nothing can stop the tide, or make a wave turn from its course, yet God knew that mankind would work alongside it, for pleasure and profession. I spent hours in deep water, just letting a wave carry me, or diving under as it would rise to high to ride. Seaweed was plentiful, and fish weren’t to scarce either. Shells littered the ocean floor, some finding their way home with me. Spray erupted at every turn and even after I had walked back to shore I still felt the rise and fall of the waves, bobbing me in time to the waves roaring beat.

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